Liangwei Yong
Liangwei Yong
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Her eyes shine when exploring the world, her heart beats faster when meeting local people; Liang Wei loves to experience every living moments and record them with her iPhone camera and notes pad. You will probably see her on YouTube ( sharing her daily life as a student studying abroad, or wandering around Sydney neighbourhood in search of good coffee and brunch places. She believes that wherever she goes, she will always find wonder in it.

巴生谷提供 冰淇淋外卖 的 17 家甜品店: 大马人必试

作为马来西亚人, 我们已经习惯了全年炎热的天气。 然而, 正是在天气非常热的时候, 我们会想到并欣赏冰甜点。 虽然单是 cendol 和 ais kacang 已经很好了 , 但有时候, 没有什么比来个 冰淇淋 让人更爽了! 现在, 我们正处于国家复苏计划的中期, 所以虽然是可以出门买食物, 完全接种疫苗的人更是有了些自由, 但主要还是待在家里吧。 尽管如此, 如果你想吃点冰淇淋, 小编今天就能帮…

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