Ice Cream Delivery in The Klang Valley: 17 Stores Malaysians Have to Try

As Malaysians, we are used to living with hot weather throughout the year. However, it is during times when it gets extremely hot that we think of and appreciate the soothing embrace of an ice-cold dessert. While cendol and ais kacang are amazing in their own right, sometimes, nothing says indulgence like a pint of ice cream! 

Right now, we are in the midst of the National Recovery Plan so the main idea is still to stay at home. Despite that, if you’re craving a little ice cream anyway, we got you covered. Here are 17 local stores that offer in the Klang Valley! 

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Local favourites

1. Inside Scoop

Image credit: Inside Scoop

For ice cream fans in the Klang Valley, Inside Scoop needs no introduction. With several outlets located throughout the country, this popular ice cream brand is one of the most beloved local brands that we look for on a hot day. 

Inside Scoop offers a large variety of delicious ice cream flavours such as Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake, Rocher, and even ice cream cakes for special occasions. Thankfully, they offer so we can enjoy their amazing treats even while staying at home! 

Specialty/Recommendation: Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake / Rocher / Signature Ice Cream Cake
How to order: Through their official website or via GrabFood

2. Sangkaya

Image credit: Sangkaya

If there’s one local ice cream store that exemplifies Malaysia, it’s probably Sangkaya. Here, the main ingredient for ice cream is coconut milk. This makes the ice cream even more fragrant and creamy! Plus, it also makes it suitable for those who have lactose intolerance! 

Sangkaya’s ice cream is usually topped with crushed peanuts and comes in a variety of flavours. These range from classic chocolate to more local offerings like gula melaka and teh tarik. That being said, if you’re ordering from Sangkaya, you definitely need to try their original coconut ice cream! 

Specialty/Recommendation: Original coconut ice cream / Teh Tarik
How to order: GrabFood (also available in Ipoh, Johor, Sabah, and Sarawak) 

3. Fatbaby Ice Cream

Image credit: Fatbaby Ice Cream

Fatbaby Ice Cream is another popular ice cream cafe that is famous for pairing its signature ice cream with waffles. Every pint of ice cream is made from scratch, ensuring each mouthful is bursting with flavour and quality. 

Apart from the ice cream, you can also order their frozen waffles for delivery. So even without physically visiting their store, you can still assemble your own ice and waffle combination at home! 

Specialty/Recommendation: Crunchy Salted Caramel / Honey, I’m Home
How to order: Through their official website (BeepIt)

4. Crème De La Crème (CDLC)

Image credit: Creme De La Creme – CLDC

With outlets in Damansara Uptown and Mont Kiara, CDLC is another local favourite that offers artisanal ice cream in a mesmerising array of flavours. Some of their best sellers include Dragon Rose and Tiramisu in addition to local flavours like Limau Assam and Pandan Kaya Toast (my personal favourite!) 

If you’re looking for some packages, CDLC offers variety packs of six on their online menu. That way, you can have a little taste of everything! 

Specialty/Recommendation: Pandan Kaya Toast / Tiramisu
How to order: BeepIt (Direct Link)


Image credit:

Founded in 2014, is another popular Malaysian ice cream brand that offers during this stay-at-home period. They are most famous for their cereal milk soft serve that comes in a variety of interesting flavours. 

Some of our personal favourites include Honey Matcha and Frosty Hot Chocolate. For those who like a savoury-sweet combination, the Smokey Salted Caramel is pretty good too!

Specialty/Recommendation: Honey Matcha / Frosty Hot Chocolate
How to order: BeepIt (Direct Link)

6. Merry Ice Cream

Image credit: Merry Ice Cream

Without being biased, Merry Ice Cream is my favourite Malaysian ice cream brand right now. Originating from Penang, this wonderful store offers not just in the Klang Valley but also in most major cities in Peninsular Malaysia. 

Having tried most of their flavours, I have to admit that their Salted Egg Oreo is simply a class above everything else. Those who like classic flavours will also love their amazing Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. It’s so light on the palette and so flavourful! 

Specialty/Recommendation: Salted Egg Oreo / Tau Fu Fah / Mint Choco
How to order: Through their official website (Available in most areas in Peninsular Malaysia)

The gelato experts

7. Whimsical

Image credit: Whimsical – Artisanal Gelato

When thinking gelato, Malaysians in the Klang Valley will surely think first about Whimsical. After all, they boast being a previous winner of the Gelato World Tour! Based in Desa Park City, Whimsical serves artisanal gelato in tantalising flavours such as Lotus Biscoff, various cheesecake flavours, and even combinations with wine. 

During this period, they do offer but flavours often change once every few days. So if you’re looking for a particular flavour, you’ll want to check back often!  

Specialty/Recommendation: Lemon Mascarpone & Berries / Cranberry Cheesecake
How to order: Via Whatsapp @ +60 11-5638 5399 

8. Waka-Waka Gelato

Image credit: Waka-Waka Gelato

One of the best feelings in the world is opening a fresh pint of ice cream, and seeing how full it is with quality ingredients. Waka-Waka Gelato is known for being generous with the ingredients that they use in their home-churned ice cream. 

While their classic flavours, like Chocolate Brownie and Cookies & Caramel are great, Waka-Waka’s best flavours are their local series like cendol and gula melaka. If you’re ordering , I suggest a mixture of both! 

Specialty/Recommendation: Cookies & Caramel / Cendol
How to order: DM them on their official Facebook page

9.  Jersey Jack Gelato

Image credit: Jersey Jack Gelato

Jersey Jack is another popular local gelato store that has won the hearts of Malaysians. It was established in 2015 and uses locally sourced milk to make deliciously rich gelato! The texture is truly incredible and, with over 70 choices, it’s no wonder Jersey Jack is such a popular dessert shop! 

Some of our favourites include the Belgian Chocolate flavour (trust me, the creaminess of the chocolate is just incredible!), Coconut (light and refreshing, and Gula Melaka for a local twist! 

Specialty/Recommendation: Belgian Chocolate / Biscotti 
How to order: Via GrabFood or Food Panda

10. Piccoli Lotti

Image credit: Piccoli Lotti -Artisanal Gelato

Fresh gelato is the best gelato. That’s a motto ice cream connoisseurs can get behind. At Piccoli Lotti, each pint of gelato is crafted with natural ingredients and made in small batches. This ensures that the quality is always top-notch! Instead of visiting their physical outlets, you can sample their signature gelato (such as Hazelnut Stracciatella, Pulut Tai Tai, and Almond Brittle) by ordering via BeepIt. How convenient (and safe!) 

Specialty/Recommendation: Hazelnut Stracciatella / Affogato Almond Brittle
How to order: BeepIt (Direct Link)

11. One More Scoop

ang valley
Image credit: One More Scoop Ice-Cream

When it comes to gelato with unique flavours, perhaps no one does it better than One More Scoop. Featuring one-of-a-kind combinations like Salted Peanut Butter, Peachy Oolong, and more, you know you’re in for a treat when you order from here! 

Specialty/Recommendation: Hokkaido Black Sesame / Rose Bandung Lychee
How to order: Via Whatsapp @ +60 11-5641 1230

Ice cream with an extra kick

12. The Ice Cream Bar

Image credit: The Ice Cream Bar

Now, THIS is my kind of ice cream. For those of us who appreciate the subtle fragrances of alcohol, The Ice Cream Bar is about to become your new favourite dessert place. 

True to its name, The Ice Cream Bar specialises in ice cream made with popular light alcoholic beverages such as Baileys and Kahlua. In addition, they also offer a selection of boozy cakes that aren’t just delicious but also come with a nice subtle kick of alcohol. 

Of course, classic flavours are there too for those who want to be kinder to their liver! 

Specialty/Recommendation: Kahlua Cheesecake / Baileys Brownies
How to order: Via their official website

13. Licky Chan

Image credit: Licky Chan & The Poke Guy

Another boozy ice cream store Malaysians should take notice of is Licky Chan. Their physical outlet is famous for its Insta-worthy interior and for the fun ball pit that customers can jump into. While we can’t exactly do that during this time, we can certainly still enjoy their amazing ice creams!

Using a mixture of classic ice cream ingredients and light, flavourful booze, Licky Chan offers a spectrum of flavours that will excite and thrill even the pickiest palettes. Don’t believe us? Order their ice creams online and try them yourself now! 

Specialty/Recommendation: Chocolate Concierge / Monkey Business (Non-alcoholic) 
How to order: Through their official website (BeepIt)

14. The Last Polka

Image credit: The Last Polka

One final ice cream store that is known for selling alcohol-laced ice cream is The Last Polka. Known by loyal customers for serving scrumptious, indulgent ice cream, The Last Polka specialises in unique flavour combinations. 

Their top-sellers include Rum & Raisin, Guinness, and Deep Chocolate for those who prefer to enjoy ice cream the old-fashioned way. There is also a selection of vegan options too!

Specialty/Recommendation: Rum & Raisin / Horlicks (Non-Alcoholic) 
How to order: BeepIt (Direct Link) 

Vegan and diet-friendly options

15. Kind Kones

Image credit: Kind Kones / GrabFoodMY

Speaking of , Kind Kones is a local ice cream store that specialises in all-natural . While not using dairy in ice cream might sound weird to you, I actually quite like it. It is just as creamy but also a little lighter at the same time. It’s a unique texture that is hard to describe so you’ll have to try it yourself to appreciate it! 

Some of their best flavours include Blackforest (honestly, I’ve always loved this flavour so maybe I’m biased), and Baklava. Their Tiramisu is pretty good too, as is their local Pandan Gula Melaka flavour. 

Specialty/Recommendation: Blackforest / Peanut Buttercup / Baklava
How to order: Through their official website (BeepIt)

16. IDC

Image credit: IDC

Another great option for vegans is IDC. This Damansara Kim ice cream store offers vegan (and even keto-friendly) options that will satiate your cravings for an ice-cold dessert any day. 

For a truly indulgent feast, you’ll want to go for their signature Nutella Cookies flavour. For the slightly more health-conscious, Coconut Avocado is a great choice and so is their fragrant Manuka Honey Lavender Tea ice cream. 

Specialty/Recommendation: Manuka Honey Lavender Tea / Vegan Coconut Keto Avocado
How to order: BeepIt (Direct Link)

17. 88KETO

Image credit: 88KETO

Finally, for those who are on a strict diet (I salute you for your discipline), 88KETO is a healthy, guilt-free option which allows you to still enjoy a sweet treat without impeding your progress. Ice cream that is made here often uses little-to-no sugar, yet still retains all the things we love about regular ice cream. 

There are also dairy-free and low-carb options too! So if you’re thinking about after a tough workout, you’ll want to browse through 88KETO’s extensive menu! 

Specialty/Recommendation: KETOCOCO Coffee Coconut / NOGOOLA Red Velvet (Dairy)
How to order: Through their official website

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And there you have it: 17 local stores that offer in the Klang Valley! Let’s be real here guys, the weather these days is simply unbearable. AND, it’s apparently going to last till September! I’m guessing this is not going to be the last time you visit this list, and neither is it mine! 

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