Planning The Perfect Trip From Malaysia: Top Tips From Seasoned Travellers

In recent years, outbound travel from Malaysia has become more accessible than ever thanks to increased connectivity. Travel influencers are cropping up like mushrooms after a thunderstorm, and almost everyone chiming in with their travel tips on social media. Of course, not all these tips are viable, as well-intentioned as they may be. Some exist in a vacuum, with no grounding in real life. 

Fortunately, we connected with several seasoned Malaysian travellers and managed to curate a series of important travel tips, based on their personal experiences. Read on to find out more!

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Travel tips to plan the perfect trip from Malaysia!

1. Choose the right airline for a transit

Image credit: Chris Putnam via Canva Pro

Depending on how you’re travelling, transit can be a blessing in disguise, especially if it’s a long trip. It might give you a chance to get much-needed rest in between your flights. Or maybe it’s just a chance for you to explore a “bonus” destination. Having transited in different airports in different cities across the world, I recommend choosing an airline that provides an excellent transit experience. 

Singapore Airlines is a perfect example because it allows me to transit at Changi Airport. Now that’s always a convenient and exciting experience. After all, Changi is one of the busiest airports in the world and its home carriers Singapore Airlines and Scoot, transport passengers to over 130 destinations around the globe. You can look forward to new destinations being added too, with some of the latest being Brussels and London Gatwick operated by Singapore Airlines, and Koh Samui operated by Scoot. Talk about being well-connected.

Image credit: Singapore Airlines

Some people might think of transits as a bit of a drag. But that’s certainly not the case at Changi Airport. A whole range of amenities are provided to make sure that all transiting passengers have a pleasant time. Firstly, there’s Singapore Airlines’s SilverKris Lounge. The home carrier’s lounge boasts an excellent range of amenities including free WiFi, showers, rest areas, and plenty of food options ranging from fine dining to buffet. You can book comfortable transit hotels without having to clear immigration or take a quick nap in the free-to-use snooze lounges.

Naturally, the perks of flying with Singapore Airlines extend beyond airport facilities. Starting from 31 Mar 2024, Singapore Airlines passengers who choose to fly Premium Economy Class will be served a glass of Charles de Cazanove Brut Tradition NV champagne shortly after take-off. Now that’s what I call a perfect start to your trip. 

Of course, if you’re looking to spend your transit period checking out the sights, Changi Airport has plenty of options to fill that quota too! Exploring Jewel Changi is a must, whether you’re planning to take the perfect Instagram photo of the Rain Vortex, or explore the Butterfly Garden at T3. Or catch a free film at the 24-hour movie theatre. Or try out some delicious local fare at Singapore Food Street. The choices are veritably endless.

Jessie Quek

2. Comfort over budget for long-haul flights

Image credit: Singapore Airlines

I’m not a person who enjoys long-haul flights because I sometimes get a little restless. If you’re preparing to fly for longer periods, I’d recommend choosing an airline that lets you be comfortable. I travel a lot, for work mostly, and here’s why I prefer to stick with Singapore Airlines for my journeys.

Most of my bookings are made for the Economy Class. The seating arrangements are always spacious though, even if the person in front of me reclines their chair. Plus, I’m one of those people who prefer to get off the plane as soon as I can, so it’s good that SIA has Forward Zone Seats that are located close to the doors. 

Besides that, I can always carry on with my work while the flight is in progress thanks to the free in-flight WiFi. It also allows me to connect to KrisWorld entertainment, so I can watch my favourite movies or shows when I’m taking a break. I always have a good playlist saved too, which I can listen to before my flight thanks to the SingaporeAir mobile app. The best part is that Singapore Airlines’ in-flight entertainment isn’t only limited to long-haul flights; short ones have them too!

As a Muslim, I naturally have to be a little selective with my meals. Fortunately, Singapore Airlines has a convenient Muslim Meal option, so I don’t have to worry about that at all. They’ve also got more special meal options for nearly every situation. Whether you’re flying with an infant and need a meal for your baby, you’re a vegetarian or a diabetic, Singapore Airlines will have something yummy to fill your tummy. Singapore Airlines’s recent revamp of the Premium Economy Class menu also means there are more meals than ever before. Among them are garlic roasted prawns with aioli for appetizers, and beef bourguignon on the list of main courses.

Passengers in Premium Economy who are on flights that are at least seven hours long also get to enjoy the all-new Out of the Woods service kit, designed exclusively for the Economy Premium Class. This eco-friendly service kit includes eyeshades and slippers made from recyclable materials, and a lip balm that’s also packaged in biodegradable material to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Every aspect of my journey with this airline is constantly made as comfortable and worry-free as possible. I guess it truly goes to show that with Singapore Airlines, you don’t need to fly First Class to receive world-class service.

Mohammad Naim bin Mukhriz

3. Consider alternate routes and destinations when flying

Image credit: JESHOOTS via Canva Pro

Not a lot of people think about this, but there’s more than one way to reach another destination. This means that you have the option to land at different airports within a major destination. When I travel to Tokyo for instance, I can either choose to land at Haneda Airport or Narita Airport. Also, keep an eye out for new alternate routes from your favourite airlines. 

A friend of mine recently travelled to the UK with Singapore Airlines and opted to land at Gatwick Airport instead of Heathrow. While Heathrow tends to be the more popular choice, flying to Gatwick can be an excellent alternative as some destinations in London may be easier to reach when compared to Heathrow. It all depends on where you’re going, but it’s nice to have the option. 

It’s not just about routes to different airports though. Make sure to keep an eye out just in case your favourite airline decides to offer new direct routes to new locations. For example, Singapore Airlines recently started a direct flight service to Brussels, Belgium. My advice is to always stay informed about the flight routes of your preferred airline, especially before booking tickets. You might even wind up saving a little money along the way.

Lee Anne

4. Plan your travel period accordingly

Image credit: hocus-focus via Canva Pro

As someone who has always been in Malaysia, I never really understood the importance of planning my travel periods properly until recently. One simple tip would be to understand the seasons and things to do in the country that you would like to explore before actually planning your itinerary. (Imagine the disappointment when you find out that you’ve missed out on an event for being too early or too late, only when you’ve arrived!) or if an attraction is closed for the season due to weather. 

For instance, I want to travel to Taiwan to see cherry blossoms, thus my travel period has to be between mid-February to March to catch the spring flowers, as the cherry blossom season in Taiwan typically occurs during this period. I recommend checking local travel websites or official tourism websites to get the latest info before your trip.

Travelling during cherry blossom season is another great opportunity to discuss the importance of budgeting. It’s a lot more affordable for me to fly to Taiwan and see the cherry blossoms there, as compared to visiting Tokyo for cherry blossom season. And if you don’t need to visit a destination for a very specific reason or time, then consider travelling there during the off-peak period. 

Due to a specific increase in demand (we’re back to cherry blossom season), flights to a certain destination are likely to be more expensive. This would be considered a peak travel period, which mostly depends on different seasons. For example, winter destinations are likely to be more in-demand during Christmas, or the end of the year.

Cecelia Chang

5. Go for a flexible airline

Image credit: kb group via Canva Pro

Here’s a nightmare scenario. I once booked the perfect flight to the Philippines from Kuala Lumpur. Everything was going great until I got sick. Sick enough so I couldn’t make my flight. Luckily, the airline I used had a clause in their policy that let me reschedule my booking dates. This meant I could salvage some of my trip without suffering too many losses. 

From my experience, I can say that it’s always important to choose an airline that lets you be a little flexible with any arrangements that have been made. For example, Singapore Airlines has a flight change policy that allows passengers to alter their booking details due to unforeseen circumstances, or evolving preferences. 

Via the Manage Booking section on the SIA website, passengers can change their flight dates, times, and on occasion, even destinations. The finer details depend on factors such as your ticket class, booking channels, or whether you’re a member of Singapore Airlines’ frequent flyer program, KrisFlyer. But on the whole, the presence of this system indicates their dedication towards customer service and satisfaction. The next time you’re planning a trip from Malaysia, it’s always a good idea to pick an airline that prioritises your needs.

Jayden Li

6. Look into local apps

Image credit: Maridav via Canva Pro

When we’re thinking about local apps, I always feel like travel is one of the most important factors. I always choose rideshare apps that are localised so I can get around better. When I’m in Bali, I use the Gojek app. But if you’d like to go to Thailand for example, it’s a lot more useful to download Bolt. The same goes for maps, I guess. South Korea’s Naver always works much better than even Google Maps when you’re there. 

Whenever I travel to Singapore, I make sure that I’ve got my Kris+ app updated and ready to go. I’m always discovering new rewards and deals there, so it’s an absolute delight to have around. It connects me to so many different outlets around the island. (Whether it’s dining, shopping, or wellness, I don’t have to worry about anything.) No matter how you look at it, researching local apps is a must before visiting your next destination.

– Sandra Jane Priyanka 

7. Consider destinations with day passes

Image credit: undefined, adisa via Canva Pro

Day passes make travelling a whole lot easier because it allows you to save a little money while exploring new destinations. Some of them are transport passes that offer unlimited rides, while others give you access to famous attractions. There are a lot of ways to access day passes. You can get them on platforms like Pelago, which allows you to purchase the Seoul Pass for either 24, 48 or 72 hours. Plus, you can also use Pelago to purchase tickets for different attractions, rail passes, private tours, and so much more. It makes building your trip itinerary a lot easier.

This was something that I learned while travelling as a student trying to get the best experience with what little I had. Many cities, especially those which are popular destinations (think Seoul, Tokyo, London, Barcelona etc.) have some sort of day pass. What’s more, some of these passes have extended validity periods, making them must-haves for trips lasting more than a day. One particular pass that made my trip so much better was the Seoul Day Pass because it also doubles up as an admission ticket for some of the more well-known attractions like Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Darren Yeoh

8. Don’t look down on free tours

Image credit: gbh007 via Canva Pro

One of the best things I learned when I was travelling around Europe during my student days was that, before anything else, it wouldn’t hurt to stop by the tourist information centre of the city you’re visiting. Yes, most people plan their trips these days, but many don’t know that these tourist information centres offer useful tips and tricks to explore the city, and some offer free tours. 

From experience, these tours are often operated by local volunteers and are often conducted in small groups on foot. While they don’t seem like much, I recommend not turning these down because some of these tours are pretty good and cover many of the city’s top sights! For example, if you’re transiting through Changi Airport, don’t forget to check out one of the free Singapore tours that are available. There are three bus tour itineraries which include two short photo stops at famous landmarks, and a walking tour itinerary to Jewel Changi Airport.

Darren Yeoh

9. Learn some basic phrases

Image credit: grinvalds via Canva Pro

Don’t just rely on Duolingo! Duolingo is a great resource for picking up new languages, but its daily lessons might move too slowly for you to learn important phrases in a short amount of time. Look up videos and other tutorials from experienced travellers who know exactly what to say and when, and you’ll pick up the basics more quickly. 

I think learning the native language of your destination just gives you a confidence boost and helps with both getting around and communicating with the locals. After all, it can be a little scary sometimes to travel to a destination and not know a word of what anyone else is speaking. 

Timothy Raj Augustin

10. Pick underrated destinations

Image credit: PubliCo via Canva Pro

How do you really know if a destination is underrated? Simply put, they’re usually places that your average traveller doesn’t think about first. Most people travelling to Europe would most likely think of Paris or Rome but there may be lesser-known locations that offer just as much fun, minus the crowds.

For example, Singapore Airlines recently started a new direct flight route to Brussels, Belgium, which is one of the hidden gems in Europe that I adore. More world-class destinations from Singapore Airlines include Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, London, Istanbul, and many others. 

Searching for low-key travel spots from TikTok also works. This way, you can have an overview of how the place is going to look like. Plus, some TikTokers can be overtly honest with their reviews, so you can decide whether you want to go to this underrated place or not. Also, if it’s an Instagrammable spot, try to see if there are any photo ops they recommend so you don’t miss out. If you decide to go, try Googling the place and see if there are any useful Google reviews about it. 

Izzati Haron

It’s always a good time to fly with Singapore Airlines!

Book world-class flights from now to 5 Apr 2024 and enjoy irresistible deals to your favourite destinations. Explore the world with all-in return fares to Singapore (from MYR498); Tokyo (from MYR2,388), Seoul (from MYR1,868), Brussels, and London (from MYR2,788), plus many more beloved destinations!

Booking period: Now to 5 Apr 2024

Travel period: Now to 28 Feb 2025


Travelling has always been a communal experience, even for people who travel alone. The experiences of others can help change travel trends for the better. Hopefully, these firsthand trips will help you plan your next perfect getaway from Malaysia! 

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