Top 10 Scenic Locations in Bali, Indonesia

There are plenty of pristine beaches and scenic spots in Bali, making it a great destination for a memorable vacation. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia and has a warm tropical rainforest climate. Temperatures here range from 30 to 35 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

The peak tourist season is during the summer months (June to August), during the Easter weekend, Christmas and the New Year. The best time to visit is from April to September because there is less rainfall during this time, making it the best time to surf, dive and trek.

To help you plan for your own Bali getaway, we’ve put together this list of ten attractions offering the most spectacular and stunning views of Bali.

1. Mount Batur

Image Credit: Li Ying

Standing 1,717 meters above sea level, Mount Batur is one of the two largest volcanoes in Bali. It is also one of the most popular destinations for tourists. Most travelers set out as early as 4.a.m to climb it just to see a beautiful sunrise in the morning.

As long as you have a torchlight, ample water and appropriate clothing, you will be well-equipped to hike up Mount Batur. While it is advisable to hire a guide, it’s also possible to maneuver on your own by simply following the other tourists on the path.

Image Credit:  Li Ying

It will take about two hours to get to the top, depending on individual fitness levels. It could prove to be a challenge for less active individuals but as long as they have a certain level of stamina, they will still get there eventually. All the challenges will be worth it in the end as you admire the stunning scenery from the summit. The sea of ​​clouds around Mount Agung in the distance will leave you speechless.

After climbing to the top, you can stay there to enjoy the spectacular view, or buy a few bottles of juice to quench your thirst. Some people even sell hard-boiled eggs cooked from volcanic steam. Try it! The weather on the top of the mountain can get chilly, so do remember to bring appropriate clothing.

Image Credit:  Li Ying

On your way down, you might run into some cuddly monkeys in that area. But don’t let their appearance fool you! The monkeys are smart, good at picking pockets and backpacks, and they are capable of stealing food from your hands.

Image Credit:  Li Ying

There are also several hot springs near the volcano. The natural open-air hot spring is said to treat various diseases. You can consider soaking in the hot springs and relaxing your muscles after a long day of hiking.

2. Melasti beach

Image Credit: Li Ying

Melasti Beach is a secluded beach that has somehow escaped mainstream attention. Because of this, there aren’t many tourists and the sea water is pristine. You can consider frolicking in the clear water on a hot summer day. During low tide, you might even find fish, starfish, hermit crabs and sometimes even sea urchins on the beach!

Melasti might be a little out of the way from the city centre, but it’s worth it to visit this spectacular white sandy beach! If you’re willing to climb up a few steps, you’ll be rewarded with a great aerial view of the ocean. You will also see a lot of couples taking wedding photos here, so you can imagine how popular this beautiful beach is!

Image Credit: Li Ying

3. Uluwatu Temple

Image Credit: Li Ying

Uluwatu Temple is one of the most important seaside temples in Bali. It is nestled on a cliff 70 meters above sea level on the south of Bali. Also known as “Lover’s Cliff”, Uluwatu Temple is a very sacred place, so make sure you are dressed appropriately. At the very least, you’ll have to cover your knees. They provide sarongs at the temple for this.

Inside, you must abide by the rules of the temple, and not shout loudly. Close to dusk, many viewing platforms will be filled with tourists, so come early to get yourself a good spot! Be careful on your way up the cliff as the monkeys here are known to attack tourists. They will jump at you to snatch your things. So be careful!

4. Tanah Lot Temple

Image Credit:  Li Ying

In addition to Uluwatu Temple, Tanah Lot Temple is also known for its unique ocean and sunset scenery. Tanah Lot is an ancient Hindu shrine,and is a holy place of worship for local Hindus.

The temple is situated on a huge rock surrounded by the sea and during high tide, it becomes completely separated from the mainland. The sound of waves constantly crashing against the rocks coupled with the view is truly mesmerising.

Image Credit:  Li Ying

Tanah Lot Temple is about 45 minutes from the city. Legend has it that as long as a couple comes to Tanah Lot, they will eventually break up. It may just be an interesting folklore but we feel compelled to say here that we will not be responsible if you suddenly find yourself single again after a visit!

5. Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Image Credit: Li Ying

If you find that this place looks a little familiar, it’s because this very spot can be found on many postcards and photo cards! The Tegallalang Rice Terraces is one of the must-see attractions in Ubud, a beautiful, green landscape filled with luscious plantations and coconut trees.

You can stay here for a few hours to witness how the local farmers harvest the crops or stroll along the rice fields and just enjoy the laid back culture in this place. There are also several large swings that can offer you the beauty of nature at the top of the terraces. Photographers and nature lovers will no doubt enjoy that. There are also many kinds of unique handicraft and wood carvings to be bought here in Ubud.

Image Credit: Li Ying

6. Potato Head Club (Seminyak Beach)

Image Credit: Li Ying

Potato Head Club is a popular place for international fusion food, with an unobstructed 180-degree view of the sea over Seminyak Beach. The Seminyak area is Bali’s most fashionable and hipster beach resort. It is not as crowded as Kuta Beach, hence making it a great place to watch the sunset and enjoy the sea breeze.

Potato Head Club has wonderful music and delectable food choices and is a great place for many foreign tourists and young people. After dinner, you can walk to Seminyak Beach and enjoy fine sand and crystal clear water.

Image Credit: Li Ying

The Western food at Potato Head Club is not just limited to burgers and fries, but also consists of a good mixture of Asian cuisine, such as steamed barramundi and Balinese braised pork belly. The service here is great and food is reasonably priced. Consider buying a cocktail to sip on as you enjoy the sunset by the pool.

Image Credit: Li Ying

As the orange and blue hue of the sunset is reflected on the water, you’re in for a real visual treat!

7. Kuta Beach

Image Credit: Tenz1225

There are three famous beaches in Bali: Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. Among them, Kuta Beach is the most popular one. Located on the southern part of Bali, it is Bali’s most famous spot for surfing. It also has a dynamic nightlife. The beaches here are flat and the sand is white, making it a great place for beginners to enjoy surfing.

In addition, there is a lively street near Kuta Beach, specializing in handicraft, swimwear, and surfing equipment. Go surfing at noon, stay here for the sunset, and enjoy a beer and seafood BBQ at the nearby bar. Kuta Beach is also easily one of the best choices for friends to gather and chill at night.

8. Desa Temukus

Image Credit: devidrudi27

Desa Temukus is a quiet village in eastern Bali where you can enjoy blooming marigolds. The bright orange of the endless sea of flowers is an absolutely Insta-worthy photo backdrop. The marigolds usually bloom in summer and autumn,between July and September. If you are interested, plan your itinerary to coincide with this time.

9. Gateway of Heaven at Pura Lempuyang Luhur

Image Credit: Adventurestep

Needless to say, this attraction is familiar to many people. Pura Lempuyang Luhur is a Hindu temple at 1,058 meters above sea level. The scenic view of the “Gateway of Heaven” is simply breathtaking.

It is yet another popular photography spot. Many young people come here and stand in the middle of the gates, looking out at the distant Mount Agung, as if through this door, you can see paradise itself in the distance.

To get close to the top, you must climb a flight of stairs before you can reach the “Gateway of Heaven”. The journey from the city center takes about two hours so you might want to stay here for the whole afternoon.

10. Mount Agung

Image Credit: Safetravel

Mount Agung is the highest point in Bali, with an elevation of 3,142m. The volcano is located in Southeast of Batur Volcano and is regarded as a sacred mountain by the locals. The sunrise and sunsets here are spectacular, but hiking up is not an easy feat, so make sure you are physically fit before attempting it.

As volcanic activity is high, all hiking activities have recently been suspended, especially within 3 km of the crater, around the 1500m mark. However, don’t fret. Even if hiking to the peak is not possible, you can still go to nearby attractions and look at the spectacular view of Mount Agung from afar.

An unforgettable island paradise

Bali is definitely a place worth visiting when you visit Indonesia. There are so many beautiful and fun places to visit. Visit Bali during the summer, immerse yourself in the breathtaking sceneries around the island and enjoy the sea breeze at the beach! Since right now is the best time to visit Bali, start planning now!

Translated from: 巴厘岛:十大最令人震惊的美景


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