Chinese New Year Snacks to Buy Online in Malaysia

Chinese new year is just around the corner! This year, if you’re looking for something a little different compared to the typical pineapple tarts, check out some of these premium Malaysian snacks you can order online instead! May the Year of the Dragon be the year we eat good whilst supporting local brands!

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1. Signature Market

One Malaysian brand that I really like is Signature Market. Apart from a large variety of nuts, granolas, and cookies, this wholesome Malaysian snack brand also offers healthy herbal teas, dried fruit (trust me, their Wild Berry Blast fruit mix is addictive!), and even jams. 

All their products come in premium-feel packaging and are competitively priced too! If you never thought that healthy snacks can be as delicious as your typical Lays or Doritos, Signature Market is one of those healthy snack brands that will change your mind. 

Did you know that Signature Market also has plenty of CNY-themed snacks and gift bundles? Some of them even include premium ingredients like Japanese abalone and bird’s nest! Check them out here! 

2. Kantin Lab

Out of all the gourmet Malaysian snacks, Kantin Lab is my favourite. Founded by a young group of four friends, Kantin Lab epitomises the belief that gourmet food doesn’t have to be expensive. The main aim of this local brand is to bring Malaysians comfort food at affordable prices, just like how we all looked forward to spending recess at our kantin sekolah back in the day. 

Kantin Lab sells premium crinkle-cut potato chips made from the finest quality ingredients. At the moment, the two flavours on offer are Nasi Lemak and Salted Egg Yolk. Both come in premium, resealable foil bags. 

I personally prefer the Nasi Lemak flavour because it is SO fragrant and has a real kick to it. Inside, you’ll also find peanuts and savoury anchovies as well! Basically it’s like actual nasi lemak, except with chips instead of rice! 

Kantin Lab currently also has limited edition CNY bundles featuring different flavours and colourful packaging! 

3. myEureka

If you’d like to munch on popcorn this Chinese New Year, check out myEureka! Started by a group of friends who simply love popcorn, myEureka offers a more diverse range of flavours, ranging from classic caramel to more unique takes on popcorn such as sour cream and tomato flavoured popcorn. 

myEureka is more widely available in stores, even though you might sometimes mistake them as potato chips because of their packaging and flavours! However, if you can’t quite find the flavour you’re looking for, you can always check out their store online! 

myEureka is also offering CNY bundles for Chinese New Year, featuring auspicious packaging and plenty of flavours to try!

Alternatively, you can get popcorn from itsherbs, which also sells premium bakkwa!

4. Kintry Artisan Food Co.

One particular aspect of local Malaysian snacks that I like is the concept of healthy snacks. Kintry is one such brand that uses premium natural ingredients to offer addictively delicious healthy snacks to Malaysians that will make you think of home. 

Some of their best artisanal snacks include their salted egg potato chips (of course), homemade cookies (Macadamia cookies are my favourite), and granolas (I highly recommend the pandan gula melaka flavour). If you’re having trouble deciding what to get, why not just get a gift box and sample a little bit of everything? Plus, they make the perfect care pack for friends and family too! 

Check out Kintry’s limited edition CNY bundle here!

5. Chen Chung (Non Halal)

What’s Chinese New Year without some delicious meat jerky (bakkwa)? If you’re looking to buy CNY snacks online, look no further than Chen Chung, a Penang-based bakkwa shop with over 30 years of history!

It features a variety of different bakkwa in various shapes, sizes, and flavours, and packaging to boot. Best of all, with Chinese New Year around the corner, the shop is now selling a variety of CNY bundles featuring hand-drawn graphics, perfect for gifts!

Alternatively, you can check out popular brands on Shopee like Bee Cheng Hiang and Jia Wei

6. Jobbie Nut Butter

I’m sure most tech-savvy Malaysians already know about Jobbie. After all, it is one of Malaysia’s earliest premium nut butter brands on the market! In fact, real fans might even remember the days when it was called Walao-Eh!!! Peanut Butter! 

Jobbie’s story is one of true Malaysian perseverance and spirit. Joseph and Debbie, the founders, actually started out selling their peanut butter from a booth in Berjaya Times Square and hand-delivering orders in the early days. Today, Jobbie has grown to be one of the most popular nut-spread brands in the country! 

I consider myself a peanut butter enthusiast and I have to say, their chunky PURE peanut butter is..chef-kiss amazing. Sure, prices are a little premium, but you definitely get what you pay for. Plus, if you order during CNY, you can get some pretty ang pow packets! 

7. Bite a Snack

For Malaysian foodies, Bite a Snack is your one-stop solution for all your snacking needs, especially for Chinese New Year. This Peark-based snack superstore specialises in traditional Malaysian Chinese snacks, including seaweed chips, pineapple tarts, and more. It also includes Halal versions.

With such a wide variety of snacks, you could actually get ALL your CNY snacks from just this store, if you’re the type who prefers those traditional bites during the festive season. Check them out!

8. The Tapping Tapir

How about a local Malaysian drink to wash down all those snacks you’ve eaten this Chinese New Year? Founded in 2013, The Tapping Tapir celebrates the complex flavours that can be extracted from the simplest ingredients. They offer naturally flavoured sodas that are immensely refreshing, especially in the hot Malaysian weather. 

They have a truly wide variety of flavours but I personally prefer the light tanginess of Orange & Jasmine. If you’re not sure what you want, try their Rainbow Pack and decide later! 

For Chinese New Year, Tapping Tapir partnered up with local artist Christy Ng to offer festive packaging for their CNY gift sets. Check them out here

9. Vive Snack

Who says only Belgian and Swiss chocolate are delicious? You’ve clearly never tried proper Malaysian chocolate from Vive Snack! Established in 2015, this organic chocolatier specialises in artisan chocolate made using the finest local ingredients. 

Their chocolate bars are irresistible. So too are their signature cacao nibs and butter spreads. As a dark chocolate fan who enjoys the subtle bitterness of chocolate, I highly recommend their hazelnut dark chocolate bar. It’s made with 75% dark chocolate and offers you a guilt-free dessert!

Buy one and try it yourself now! 

10. Amazin’ Graze

Amazin’ Graze is arguably one of the brightest stars in the local Malaysian snacks industry. What started as a humble startup by three young Malaysian women making classic granolas and nut mixes has now grown into a truly international brand with products available in Singapore, Hong Kong, and even Australia! 

You can treat yourself to a wide variety of snacks at Amazin’ Graze, from nuts (I recommend just getting a variety box) and granolas (Banana bread flavour is love) to brownie chips and even premium nut butters, Amazon’ Graze has it all! And, like Kintry, they offer variety packs as well so you can sample everything and then come back for the ones you like! 

Treat yourself to a healthy snack for CNY today! 

Get your dose of premium Malaysian snacks today!  

And there you have it: 10 incredible local gourmet snack brands that will get you hooked this Chinese New Year! Whether it’s sweet or savoury you’re looking for, I’m sure you’ll love these Malaysian-born brands that will add a spark of excitement to your stay-at-home life. 

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