19 Travel Hacks Every Traveller Needs to Know About

There are tons of you can find online, with detailed guides, tips and tricks on how to make your travels more convenient. Here, we’ve compiled some of the most useful and creative ones we could find on YouTube. This short read might just be a saviour in many aspects – from packing to navigating a city – so go ahead and start!

1. Store extra cash in your accessories, like lip balm

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Of course, while we travel, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. While the world is a nice place, occasionally, accidents happen. Lost luggage, pickpockets, dropped wallets, these sorts of things can happen. So, just to be safe, this hack is a pretty good idea.

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2. Place a ‘FRAGILE’ tag on your luggage

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This is a pretty interesting one. Using this hack, you’ll get luggage handlers at the airport to take extra care while moving your luggage. What’s more, bags tagged with the fragile sign are usually placed at the top of the luggage pile. Therefore, it will most likely be unloaded first upon landing, ensuring that you do not have to wait long to collect your baggage.

3. To save more space, place rolled up pairs of socks into your shoes

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4. When packing, roll SOME of your clothes

However, not all clothes should be rolled. Things like jeans, jackets and shirts should be folded and packed in an overlapping layer formation. Speaking of shirts,

5. Use a belt to keep shirt collars stiff and clean

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And if you MUST fold your clothes, just remember:

6. Placing a sheet of newspaper inside your clothes can prevent wrinkles

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7. Use plastic seal wrap to store your necklaces or string jewellery, this prevents them from being tangled up

Image credit: Howdini

8. For individual pieces of jewellery or accessories, use a daily pill box

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Not only are the boxes usually sturdy and waterproof, they’re also a great way to organize your accessories according to the day of the week. You could also put other daily items to good use. For example, you could…

9. Use a sunglasses case to store cables, headphones and chargers

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And speaking of sunglasses, I bet you didn’t know that apart from being a cool fashion accessory, they can be put to good use in a couple of creative ways too. For example, you could…

10. Use your sunglasses as a makeshift phone stand

Image credit: FashionByAlly

11. Or use them as an instant camera filter!

Image credit: FashionByAlly

Pretty cool, huh? Using this trick evens out the bright and dark areas in a photo, giving you a perfect photo for the Gram.  

12. Use an old contact lens container to store small amounts of makeup and other necessities

Image credit: Howdini

I highly recommend using this tip to bring along some safety pins. Not only do they provide a quick solution for emergency wardrobe malfunctions, they also double up as iPhone SIM tray openers!

13. Re-use old travel-sized bottles to carry liquids like shampoo or lotion

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Not only do they meet travel restrictions for liquid volumes, they’re also lighter and much easier to carry around. But don’t forget…

14. Place a plastic wrap at the top of bottles and tubes!

Image credit: ixigorocks

15. Email scanned copies of important documents to yourself

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Such as your passport, ID, flight/accommodation confirmation details. That way, you don’t have to carry them around everywhere you go, decreasing the risk of you losing them.

16. Download Google Translate beforehand

Image credit: Ann Le (Anneroshine)

Never underestimate how much Google Translate can help make your travels easier. While not perfect, the app allows you to use your camera to translate written words in real time. Make sure to download the app and the language file of the country you’re visiting BEFORE you leave home, just in case you can’t find a good WIFI connection.

17. Browse Google Maps OFFLINE

Image credit: Wengie

Google Maps is another essential app for travellers! But did you know you can use the app even without an Internet connection? Just look up the area you’ll be travelling in on Google Maps, then type in ‘ok maps’ and you’ll be able to download the map of that area. You can then open up that saved map without needing to hunt for WIFI or use your Mobile Data and incur other-worldly roaming charges.

18. Use petroleum jelly to prevent blisters

Image credit: Ann Le (Anneroshine)

If you tend to walk a lot when you’re travelling, then you’ve no doubt experienced getting blisters where your feet rub against your shoes. To prevent this, apply a coating of petroleum jelly on the edges of the shoe and on the problematic areas of the feet!

19. Use a dryer sheet to keep your dirty laundry from smelling like a dead animal

Image credit: Wengie

With it being the height of summer right now, chances are, you’ll be covered in sweat after a day out exploring. It’s all fine and dandy to store your dirty clothes in your laundry bag but sometimes, all that moisture causes your clothes to smell funky, and not the Uptown Funk kind of funky either.

Place a dryer sheet in your laundry bag to absorb moisture and to prevent yourself from passing out when you open up your laundry bag when you get home!

Make your own hack!

And there you have it! These are some of the most unique we found on YouTube! What are some of the that YOU use personally? Let us know!

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