Conditional MCO Extended Till 9 June 2020!

In a special address held on Sunday 10 May 2020, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced that the Conditional MCO will be extended for four weeks until 9 June 2020. This means that all SOPs as stated previously will continue to be enforced. 

According to the PM, the decision comes after much discussion with the Ministry of Health and the National Security Council based on data from the previous few days. In his speech, the PM once again reiterated that interstate travel continues to be prohibited. Despite this, visitation among family within the same zone and state is permitted but strict SOPs must be followed, such as the wearing of masks and regular washing of hands. 

In terms of religious activities, the PM assured Malaysians that various SOPs are being considered and that a decision will be announced soon after presenting them to the YDPA. The PM also announced that couples who are currently stuck in different states will be allowed to apply for interstate travel to reunite. More details regarding this will be announced at a later time. 

The PM also addressed issues regarding the BPN financial aid, taking time to explain the various reasons applications were rejected. In connection to this, the Finance Ministry will extend the appeal period until 31 May 2020. 

However, the PM also shared some good news regarding Malaysia’s battle against COVID-19. He announced that a large majority of regions in our country are now categorised as “green zones”, with only four “red zones” (more than 40 positive COVID-19 cases recorded). This comes as Malaysia continues to record more daily COVID-19 recoveries compared to new infections. To that end, the PM recorded his heartfelt thanks to all frontliners, especially doctors, nurses and all medical workers. 

Despite this, the prime minister also advised Malaysians to continue practising strict social distancing measures and to not let our guard down. This is because despite the positive developments in our country, the war against COVID-19 is not over. 

The Prime Minister took the time to express his satisfaction at the way Malaysians had adapted to the Conditional MCO SOPs since 4 May 2020. However, if the number of cases begin to rise exponentially again, he did not rule out the implementation of Enhanced MCO for affected areas. Therefore, he advised Malaysians to continue practise social distancing and to stay strong. 

Finally, the PM also used the opportunity to wish all mothers in Malaysia a Happy Mother’s Day, and also a blessed Nuzul al-Quran to all Muslims. 

By Darren

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