7 Things to Do in Cebu for the Avid Outdoor Adventurer

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Bali, Bangkok, and Phuket may be the most well known, but these destinations aren’t the only places worth visiting in South East Asia. The Philippines is a beautiful country filled with many alluring islands known for their pristine beaches and aquatic life.

Cebu is the second largest city in the country, behind only Manila. With many wondrous sights and exciting outdoor activities, it is truly an ideal destination for a getaway. What makes Cebu even more attractive is the fact that it is an affordable destination that is easy to travel to even without a guide.

While there’s plenty to do in Cebu, the city’s most rewarding activities are often the ones that are experienced outdoors. Without further ado, here are 7 interesting outdoor activities you simply must do in Cebu! 

1. Swim with the whales in Oslob

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As one of the world’s most endangered creatures, whales are incredibly rare to come across in the wild. Therefore, one of the top things you must do in Cebu is to get up close and personal with these creatures in Oslob!

Not only are they majestic in the water, they’re actually pretty cute too! And because they’re used to being around humans here, the whales in Cebu’s waters are quite gentle and friendly. If you don’t feel like swimming next to them, you can simply watch them from the comfort of a boat.

Besides that, Cebu is also a great place for snorkelling and diving, allowing you to immerse yourself in a colourful aquatic world. Now that is simply an amazing experience. 

2. Get caught in a sardine tornado at Moalboal

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Unlike most parts of the world, the ocean ecosystem in Moalboal has largely remained untouched by pollution, making it Cebu’s most pristine diving spot.

Coral reefs, schools of sardine, turtles and many more beautiful sea creatures dwell here in this peaceful underwater haven. The current is not too strong, so it’s quite a viable spot for first-time divers as well.

The most magical experience is to watch the schools of sardine swim in almost perfect formation here. It’s why the place is one of the top draws for tourists in the first place. If you love the type of scenes you often watch on the National Geography channel, you’ll definitely enjoy this activity! 

3. Admire the coral reefs at Pescador Island

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Another impressive spot for diving in Cebu is Pescador Island. The crystal clear water here is home to a colony of beautiful coral reefs. If you like to dabble in underwater photography, this is the spot for you because the scenery is truly unforgettable. 

4. Jump off a cliff (into water) at Kawasan Falls

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If you consider yourself an adrenaline junkie and a true thrill-seeker, then you simply must visit Kawasan Falls. Here, you can plunge into the cool waters in the valley from a 14-metre high cliff for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You’ll be surrounded by verdant scenery, punctuated by majestic waterfalls, and a cooling, turqoise stream. If going canyoning is one of the items on your bucketlist, then you definitely wouldn’t want to miss this activity in Cebu. 

5. Frolicking about at Oslob Falls

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Oslob Falls is one of the top places in Cebu to escape the heat while taking in the impressive artistry of Mother Nature. Obviously, aside from the view, you’ll also want to swim and frolick about in the cool, cascading waterfall.

You can even go for a little natural foot therapy while you’re there. Simply soak your feet in the little pond next to the waterfall and the fish will nibble away all your dead skin cells. Don’t forget to take a view photos before heading back into the city! 

6. Hike up Osmena Peak, the highest point in Cebu

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Osmena Peak is one of the highest points of elevation in all of Cebu. This awe-inspiring location stands at more than 1,000 metres above sea level, offering alluring natural scenery and an uninterrupted view of the ocean.

On your way up, you’ll also come across plenty of interesting flora and vegetation, in addition to the soothing green hills. The hike to Cebu’s highest peak isn’t that difficult. In fact, if you rent a car or a motorbike, you could even reach the top within 15 to 20 minutes!

We recommend gathering some camping equipment and spending the night here so you can catch a beautiful sunrise the very next morning.

7. Visit the famous Magellan’s Cross

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Apart from the wonderful natural scenery in Cebu, you should also visit the famous Magellan’s Cross, one of the city’s most iconic monuments. Located in the city centre, the cross was first brought into the city by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan.

Since Cebu was the heart of Catholicism in The Philippines during that time, the cross has remained in the city, enshrined as a beautiful monument of the city’s history. The quaint chapel which houses the cross has also managed to retain the original look and feel of when it was first built, exuding a tranquil ambiance over the city.

Not only is Cebu home to some of the most beautiful underwater locations in the region, it is also a city of rich culture and history. The best time to visit is from January till March when the city enjoys generally cool and dry weather.

For those who love outdoor activities on their travels, Cebu is definitely a destination that’s right up your alley. So, if you’re looking to clear your mind of all worries and rejuvenate your soul, then start planning your trip to Cebu now! 

Translated from: 7项宿务最佳的户外活动

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