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A Malaysian Guide to Budget Travel in Japan

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  1. Avatar Jackie says:

    I’d just like to ask whether a visa was necessary for landing in HK, with a connecting flight to Japan? Especially if it’s different airlines?

    And I wonder if you used any specific websites to track flights? RM1200 on flight for me is a bargain! How is that possible!

    Thank you for the article! Very well written and helpful!

  2. Darren Darren says:

    Hi Jackie, so sorry for the super late reply. We deal with plenty of spam comments unfortunately so I only just saw yours. No, you do not need a Visa for HK (if you have a Malaysian passport). I use sites like Skyscanner which helps me to track prices and also to quickly compare prices from different airlines 🙂

  3. Avatar Alana Atkinson says:

    This is such a detailed and well-documented article! Very helpful in planning my own trip to Tokyo this year.

  4. Avatar Amir says:

    Superb article, thank you. It helps a lot planing my first trip to japan.

  5. Darren Darren says:

    You’re very welcome, Amir! Hope you have fun!

  6. Avatar Smidha says:

    Hi Darren,

    My friend and i are planning for a 5 day trip to Japan. Will be based in Tokyo mostly.
    i have the following questions:
    1. Would it be advisable to use Air Asia instead of MAS?
    2. Should we get the Japan Rail Pass?

    Thanks ya!

  7. Darren Darren says:

    Hi, sorry for the late reply!

    To answer your questions:

    1. AirAsia (AirAsiaX) is probably cheaper than MAS. And from experience, AirAsiaX is actually quite comfortable and clean. So I’d definitely recommend it.
    2. Since you’ll be based in Tokyo for the most part, I would say not to get the JR Rail Pass. That’s because it mainly saves money for intercity travel by bullet train and it can be very expensive. If you’ll only be in Tokyo and using the subway, I recommend either getting Tokyo Metro Pass 72hr (https://www.tokyometro.jp/en/ticket/travel/index.html) and for the other 2 days, pay in cash.

    Hope that helps! Enjoy your trip!

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