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A Malaysian Guide to Budget Travel in Japan

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  1. Avatar Jackie says:

    I’d just like to ask whether a visa was necessary for landing in HK, with a connecting flight to Japan? Especially if it’s different airlines?

    And I wonder if you used any specific websites to track flights? RM1200 on flight for me is a bargain! How is that possible!

    Thank you for the article! Very well written and helpful!

    1. Darren Darren says:

      Hi Jackie, so sorry for the super late reply. We deal with plenty of spam comments unfortunately so I only just saw yours. No, you do not need a Visa for HK (if you have a Malaysian passport). I use sites like Skyscanner which helps me to track prices and also to quickly compare prices from different airlines 🙂

  2. Avatar Alana Atkinson says:

    This is such a detailed and well-documented article! Very helpful in planning my own trip to Tokyo this year.

  3. Avatar Amir says:

    Superb article, thank you. It helps a lot planing my first trip to japan.

    1. Darren Darren says:

      You’re very welcome, Amir! Hope you have fun!

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