Bengoh Range: The Breathtaking Hidden Jurassic Park of Sarawak

Sarawak is most famously known for its breathtaking natural scenery and alluring culture. But perhaps lesser known than attractions like Mulu National Park and Kuching is Bengoh Range. Nestled within the rainforest between the borders of Kalimantan (Indonesia) and the outskirts of Sarawak, this wondrous natural gem is arguably one of the most beautiful destinations in all of Malaysia. 

As you explore this relatively untouched natural haven, it will feel as though you’ve been transported to a whimsical fairy tale setting, not unlike the forests of Avatar or the awe-inspiring wilds of Jurassic Park! Too good to be true? Well, see for yourself! If you love being in nature and exploring, this is one for the bucket list!

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Before heading to Bengoh Range

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In Bengoh Range, there is a spot locals call “Cloud Village”, a secluded village that is largely cut off from moden civilisation. It is known as Kampung Sting. Before starting your journey, you must purchase tickets from local travel agencies or tour guides or you won’t be able to enter the village. The price of the ticket also includes boating service, and a guided tour by a local, which includes some of the best scenic locations in the forest. 

You can find some of the agencies of guides on Facebook but be prepared to fork out between RM40 – RM60 per person! Those who live in Sarawak (Kuching especially) should opt for a day trip. But for those who live far away (or simply want to spend more time exploring) can choose to stay overnight in nearby accommodation options. 

The journey towards Bengoh Range

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It may seem like getting to Bengoh Range is challenge but in reality, it couldn’t be simpler! If you’re driving from Kuching, first make your way to Padawan, and from there, it’s a straightforward drive to Bengoh Range (around 40 minutes)! If you’re using navigation/GPS, input “Bengoh Dam” as the search query. Once you arrive at the jetty at Bengoh Dam, it’s only a 30-minute boat ride to the start of the jungle trekking path. 

A hidden Jurassic Park

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The trek path in Bengoh Range is an exciting one to say the least. Throughout the journey, you’ll find narrow ladders, steep climbs, and bamboo bridges. It’s certainly not going to be a walk in the park. However, the reward for braving through the difficult climb is being able to admire a majestic, towering waterfall, and a pristine lake surrounded by trees.

In short, it’s definitely worth it! You’ll believe it too as you hear the calming sound of the flowing water and be serenaded by the lovely melody of the singing birds. It’ll feel as if you soul had been renewed! 

Image credit: Lost in Borneo
Image credit: Lost in Borneo

Speaking of waterfalls, there are a total of four in Bengoh Range. They are: Curtain Falls, Koring Falls, Pe’an Falls, and Susung Falls. These majestic, cascading waterfalls exude an unbelievably untamed ambiance. As you watch them from afar and listen to the roaring gush of water, it’ll be as if you’ve been transported to a scene from right out of Jurassic Park

Out of the four waterfalls, Susung Falls is the most popular. However, before you can admire these natural wonders, you’ll have to trek for about an hour. Curtain, Koring, and Pe’an Falls will be the first ones you see. And 30 minutes on from them is the alluring Susung Falls. 

The Cloud Village

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After frolicking in the cool waters of the the waterfalls, don’t forget to hop aboard a boat to Kampung Sting! As mentioned, you’ll first need to book a ticket! Once there, you’ll be treated to an unrivalled panoramic view of Bengoh Dam and Bengoh Range. This is one of the sights that will make you thankful for Malaysian weather. After all, without the rainfall and humidity, there’s no way such enigmatic rain forests can ever exist! 

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Apart from that, at the heart of Bengoh Range is an alluring lake. When conditions are ideal, the calm surface of the lake reflects its surroundings perfectly. As your boat sails across the still water, the ripples it creates feels like seeing the very passage of time with your eyes. It’s simply surreal!

Your entire journey in Bengoh Range, including visiting the waterfalls should take between 4 – 5 hours on average. And within that space of time, you would have been able to admire some of the most breathtaking natural sights in Malaysia. Not a bad trade if you ask me!

Of course, when talking about the beauty of Bengoh Range, words are cheap. So, if you’re looking to get away from the city this weekend, why not visit yourself and let the wonders of Mother Nature calm your anxious mind! 

Reminder: A major reason that Bengoh Range is such an alluring destination is because of its pristine natural beauty. Let’s keep it that way, Malaysians! If you happen to visit, please do not litter or do anything that would jeopardise the beauty of this majestic place! 

Translated and adapted from original article in Mandarin

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